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Threaded Rebar Coupler Splice


#1 Taper-Threaded Coupler


The taper-threaded mechanical coupler is designed for applications that require the joining of reinforcing bars. The compact design of each coupler ensures suitability for use in confined situations where space is restricted or where the loss of cover must be minimized. Taper-threaded couplers are normally supplied fitted to the end of the threaded bar, requiring only the engagement and tightening of the adjoining bar on site.



#2 Straight Threaded Coupler with Upset Rebar Ends


Straight Threaded Coupler consists of forming heads on the ends of the bars that are connected using a hydraulic machine. It is designed to fit between closely-spaced bars.



#3 Grout-Filled Coupling Sleeve


Grout-Filled Coupling Sleeve is filled with grout that provides a mechanical bond between rebar deformations and grooves on the inside of the sleeve. This is filled with a cement-based, non-shrink, high-early strength grout. The range comprises two standard coupler types: Full-grout sleeves and Half-grout sleeves.



#4 Combo Grout-Filled/Threaded Sleeve


Combo Grout-Filled/Threaded Sleeve is designed for the connection of precast elements. Each sleeve features a threaded end that is used for the connection to reinforcement at the precast element and a wide cavity to perform a grout connection at the site. The wide mouth opening of the sleeve allows for minor bar misalignment during erection. The wide mouth also allows for transitioning between different bar sizes.


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