Product Feature


1.Attractive appearance, quick installation, big steel content, knock-down type, flexible transportation. Its recycling lifetime is more than 8 times with excellent performance on anti-seismic, anti-typhoon, heat insulation, etc.


2. Wall system: our exterior wall panel have many different types for choosing(single layer steel PPGI sheet, the sandwich panel with EPS, Rock-wool, XPS, Fiber, PU). The partition wall can be divided as you will. The panel has excellent performance on fireproof, waterproof, damp-proof, heatproof, soundproof.


3. Design is strictly according to GBH17-88/GBJ18-87 The whole building structure span calculation way: within 5K, single and double layers' span(1K=1820mm), the whole building's stability increase by length n(>6);


Roofing structure: triangle truss with 40mm angel purlin, M12*25 bolts, roof panel types same as wall panel for choosing;

Flooring structure: horizontal beam with C type purlin and T=15mm plywood flooring;

Main supporting system: double C steel channel (80mm) post with bracing in the middle between two posts; 

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