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What is Shade Netting and What is Its Usage?


What is a shade net?


Shade net is a lightweight knitted polyethylene knitted fabric that provides plants and people with protection from the sun. Shade cloth fabric is available in densities ranging from 30% to 95% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, flowers, and crops. It can be used with greenhouses, hoop structures, and field applications. Additional uses include fences, windscreens, and privacy barriers. The shade material is rot and mildew resistant does not become brittle and is water permeable. It offers superior ventilation, improves light diffusion, and keeps greenhouses cooler. As a result, shade cloth can help to lower energy costs by reducing the need to run fans as often in the warmer months. Installing shade net is quick and easy as is taking it down during the off-peak season.



What is reflective shade and how is it beneficial in my greenhouse?


Reflective shade helps create an optimum growing climate because it reflects the sun's radiation rather than absorbing it. Reflective shade assists in controlling the light, temperature, and humidity balance. Reflective shade screens are also energy-saving. Excellent climate characteristics include low daytime temperature due to maximum reflection and high energy savings at night, which keeps crop temperature close to ambient.


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