Tubular scaffolding is a scaffolding for both interior and exterior work, made of tube steel. Tubular scaffolds are lightweight, offer low wind resistance, and are easily assembled and dismantled. They are available in several lengths for varying heights and types of work. Tubular scaffolding system or tubular scaffolds are scaffolds made up of galvanized aluminium or steel tubes connected together by a coupler which relies on friction to support loading.


In the traditional tubular scaffolding system, the maximum exceeding working load shall be within 10KN with a rather lower safety ratio. The assembly height of the scaffolding shall be no more than 30 meters and the for the height over 30 meters, the frames shall be made up with two tubes.


ADTO Mall is a senior tubular scaffolding manufacturer, we specialize in delivering, designing and managing scaffolding solutions for our diverse range of clients, no matter what simple jobs or large scale complex projects. As an experienced scaffolding supplier, innovation is at the heart of our business which enables us to provide you with access solutions tailored to your needs. ADTO Mall provides high quality tubular scaffold for sale, we are highly credited across the world as the durability and efficiency of tubular scaffolds. We are a trusted name in scaffolding industry and you can rely on our scaffolding products and services to maximize your productivity and efficiency. All our contracted, sale and rental scaffolding products are thoroughly checked for quality, and designed in accordance with International standards and regulations.


Uses of Tubular Scaffolding:

A Tubular Scaffold is the most versatile type of scaffold that can adapt to all types of building structures e.g. free-standing scaffold, independent tied scaffold, bird-cage scaffold, truss-out scaffold, hanging scaffold, tower scaffold and suspended scaffold.


Benefits of Tubular Scaffolding:

1. Easy To Use. These scaffolds are easy to use (only four basic components are required such as tube, right angle coupler, swivel coupler, bases or casters).
2. Durability. These types of scaffolds are durable (galvanized tubes are able to take on harsh environments).
3. Ease in Assembly and Dismantling. Tubular scaffolds can very easily be assembled and dismantled thus saving time on site.
4. Light in Weight. A Tube and fittings system is light in weight due to which the scaffold can be easily moved around the construction site.
5. Adaptability. In comparison to other scaffolds, tube and fittings system scaffolds offer the most adaptable and efficient scaffold solutions.
6. Cost Effectiveness. In cases when scaffolds need to be erected for long periods of time (more than four weeks), tube and fitting system scaffolds provide the most cost effective scaffold solutions.
7. Flexibility. Tubular scaffolds are one of the most flexible types of scaffolds. These scaffolds can be adjusted according to the desired height.
8. Longer Life Span. Tubular system scaffolds have a longer life span in comparison to other scaffolds and offer more sturdy work platforms.

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