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Rebar Coupling Sleeve Mechanical Splice


#1 Metal-filled Coupling Sleeve


Metal-filled Coupling Sleeve is placed end to end in the metal sleeve with a molten metal filler in the tap hole. The filler material flows between the bars and the sleeve, solidifying in the deformations of the rebar and the internal ribs of the sleeve, forming a mechanical interlock.  


#2 Cold-Swaged Coupling Sleeve


A cold-Swaged Coupling Sleeve is used for the connection of ribbed rebar. It is made of carbon structural steel and can connect reinforcing bars with a diameter of 16 to 40 mm. The sleeve uses a hydraulic swaging press with a special dye to deform the sleeve around the ends of the spliced reinforcing bars. This produces a positive mechanical interlock with the reinforcing bars.


#3 Shear Screw Coupling Sleeve


Shear Screw Coupling Sleeve consists of a coupling sleeve with shear head screws which are designed to shear off at a specified torque.


#4 Extruded Coupling Sleeve


Extruded Coupling Sleeve is a cold extruding coupling sleeve that connects two reinforcing bars by extruding a coupler onto the reinforcing bars.  


#5 Coupling Sleeve with Double Wedge


Coupling Sleeve with Double Wedge is made of a ductile iron sleeve that consists of two internal wedges. Two series of cone-pointed screws are arranged along the sleeve length.


#6 Coupling Sleeve with Shear Bolt/Wedge


This type of sleeve is designed to deliver a quick and simple method of splicing of 12 mm – 20 mm bar. Installation is made in seconds by overlapping the rebar in the steel sleeve and driving the wedge pin between the bars with a portable hydraulic hand tool. The coupling sleeve is oval in cross-section permitting the overlapping of two reinforcing bars of the same diameter in the sleeve.


#7 Dowel Bar Mechanical Splice


This is a two-piece, upsized parallel threaded, mechanical splice that eliminates protruding dowels. No welding or machining is required for the installation of this splice and the threading operation does not reduce the nominal cross-sectional area of the bar.


#8 Compression-only Mechanical Splice


Compression-only Mechanical Splice can resist compression stress merely. The compressive stress is transferred by vertical bearing from one bar to another one. Compression only mechanical splices can be used when tension stress does not occur.


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