ADTO Mall's plastic formworks are suitable to realize concrete columns, pillars, walls, plinths, and foundations directly onsite. Interlocking and modular systems of re-usable plastic formwork are used to build widely variable, but relatively simple, concrete structures. The panels are lightweight and very robust. They are especially suited for similar structure projects and low-cost, mass housing schemes. Their modularity satisfies every construction and planning needs: columns and pillars of different shapes and dimensions, walls and foundations of different thickness and height.


Plastic formwork are very light formworks in comparison with the traditional wood panels. Moreover, the plastic material they are made of allows the concrete not to stick: every element can be easily cleaned just with a little water.

Advantages of Plastic Formwork:

1. Modular and versatile on-site.
2. Patented handles in nylon for an excellent locking of the panels.
3. Easy dismantling and quick cleansing just with water.
4. High resistance(60 kn/m2) and duration of the panels.


Plastic Formwork can be used to:

1. Concrete housed construction
2. Elliptical columns construction
3. Large columns construction
4. Reinforced concrete pools construction
5. Bunker construction
6. Art stone textured panels
7. Integration
8. Wall construction
9. Lintels and curtain walls construction
10. Foundation plinths construction
11. Shear walls construction
12. Stairwells and elevator shafts construction
13. Square and rectangular columns construction

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