A mechanical rebar splice is a joint or a coupler used to splice two rebars. Mechanical rebar splicing is a new type of splicing in the world construction industry.


The mechanical rebar splice has many advantages compared to the conventional method of overlapping. A longer reinforcement bar is obtained through this rebar coupler splicing. The errors due to wrong lap length as in the conventional method are avoided.


The wastage of steel is reduced. The use of a mechanical rebar joint helps to avoid lap length. This will save an appreciable amount of steel. We can use couplers as dowel bars. This will save the formwork material.


The mechanical joints will not create any steel congestion as the lapping of bars is eliminated.


Couplers provide greater flexibility for the designers.


The strength at the joint is easily analyzed in the case of mechanical rebar splice compared to the conventional lap joint. Mechanical rebar couplers are the most commonly used mechanical rebar splice or joint for reinforcement.


The mechanical rebar couplers can be of two types:


#1 Threaded Couplers

#2 Non-threaded couplers


The threaded couplers are classified into two types:


1) Tapered Threaded Couplers:

This type of tapered couplers is fitted to one end of the threaded rebar and the adjoining rebar is connected and tightened by means of a calibrated torque wrench. The procedure is performed at the site.


2) Roll Threaded Couplers:

In this type, the bars that are to be connected are pressed by a set of rollers. These pressed ends are connected by couplers with matching and parallel threads.


The Non-threaded Couplers have a variety of types that are used in areas where the threaded couplers cannot be employed. The different types are:


1) Bolted Couplers

2) Friction weld couplers

3) Welded Couplers

4) Swage Couplers


The main application of non-threaded couplers is in repair works than new construction works. These are higher in cost compared to threaded couplers and hence are not extensively employed. The couplers used for this process are bulky and the installation process is slow.



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