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Congratulations! ADTO Group Was Awarded "The Most Influential Enterprise in China's Formwork and Scaffolding Industry in 2020"



From October 18 to 20, the "2020 Annual Meeting of China Formwork and Scaffolding Association” or “the 5th Case Exchange Meeting of New Technology Development and Key Engineering Cases of China Construction Aluminum Formwork", sponsored by China Formwork and Scaffolding Association, was held in Changsha. ADTO Building Materials Group was invited to participate and was awarded "The most influential Enterprise in China's Formwork and Scaffolding Industry in 2020".




It is reported that there are a number of influential excellent enterprises in the industry to participate in the selection. ADTO Building Materials Group, as a deep industry for more than 20 years of old enterprises, with excellent quality, dedicated service to stand out, fully demonstrated its reputation and strength in the industry.



This award is the association’s affirmation of ADTO Group’s years of focus on the development,  promotion, and achievements of formwork and scaffolding products. 



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