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What is Steel Scaffolding Applications?


Steel scaffolding is widely used during building construction, maintenance, and repair.  It allows workers to access high and remote locations of any building. Steel scaffolding can come in many forms, all depending on the project at hand.


Supported scaffolding is the most common type of scaffolding. Its built from the ground up and is commonly seen at most construction sites. Its the easiest, most convenient, safest, and most cost-effective scaffolding structure. Extra support can be added if the structure is extremely high or if very heavy loads need to be transported.


Suspended scaffolding is typically suspended from the roof of a building. Its a good option for situations where its not possible to construct a base, or where the access requirements are limited to the upper levels and the building of scaffolding from the ground up would be impractical.


Rolling scaffolding is similar in structure to supported scaffolding. The difference is that instead of incorporating a stable base, castor wheels are used to allow mobility. This provides a good option if work needs to be carried out across the length of the building. Its essential to lock the wheels whenever there are workers or materials on the scaffolding to ensure the safety of all in the vicinity.

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