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What are Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Materials?


Galvanized steel scaffolding materials include:


#1 Steel Scaffolding Tubes

#2 Galvanized Scaffolding Couplers

#3 Steel Scaffolding Boards or decking


Scaffolding tubes are normally made from steel. The type of steel used is typically hot-dipped galvanized steel. In special circumstances where there is a risk from live overhead electric cables, filament-wound tubes of glass fiber in a nylon or polyester matrix can be used. 


Scaffolding couplers are generally made from high-strength steel. The galvanized steel tubes are connected by galvanized scaffolding couplers. There are three basic varieties: right-angle couplers, putlog couplers, and swivel couplers. In addition, joint pins (spigots) or sleeve couplers can be used to join tubes end-to-end where necessary.


Scaffolding planks are the floors used to support the material and construction worker. Generally, the floors of the scaffolding structure can be made of plywood boards or decking made from galvanized steel. Where wooden boards are used, their ends are protected by metal plates known as hoop irons or nail plates. While using galvanized steel decking, we often make some holes on the planks to improve their anti-slip performance.

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