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ADTO Cooperated with Xinggang Home Furnishing, Keyunpu and Other Strategic Partners


Recently, ADTO Business Union and Xinggang Home Furnishing, Kanyunpu, Iman Wood, Shengjia and other companies officially signed strategic cooperation agreements to develop domestic and foreign markets, to help you do projects easily.


Xinggang Home Furnishing


Hunan Xinggang Home Furnishing Development Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, based in Hunan, spread and developed in Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan province. And it also has a Foshan base in Guangdong, spread throughout the whole country. Hunan Xinggang Home Furnishing has become a fully reinforced domestic enterprise.





Shenzhen Keyunpu Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional LED/OLED lighting group company. Keyunpu deeply integrates the technical advantages of independent research and development of LED/OLED lighting with advanced research and development experience at home and abroad, and its various products are widely used in various application scenarios.



Iman wood


Qingdao Iman Wood Industry Co., LTD., invested by Canada Hongcheng International co., LTD., the total investment of 10 million dollars, the registered capital of 5 million dollars, the factory covers an area of 153.75 acres, the main products of solid wood laminated flooring annual capacity of 1.5 million to 2 million. At the same time, Iman Wood has set up direct sales warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, and its market share is increasing year by year.


Iman wood grasps "the globalization development, advancing with The Times, people-oriented, precision tube (hereafter" the enterprise idea, improve enterprise product innovation ability, from the sawn timber processing, plate drying, table board, floor base material to the floor the export of finished products, implement vertical integration competition strategy, and formed the energy-saving, environmental protection, zero-emission, no pollution of technological process, and create high-quality products, for many years for North American CARB certification and European CE certification.





Guangzhou Shengjia office furniture co., LTD., is a professional engaged in steel office furniture design, manufacturing, and sales of private enterprises. Shengjia has introduced a full set of automation technology, realizing the innovative reform of office furniture marketing mode and efficiency, which has won the recognition and support of many customers. The products are exported to America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and some countries in Europe.


ShengJia grasps "the colleague, to customer satisfaction, operating proud" of the enterprise purpose, to "the pursuit of sustainable management" as the enterprise goals, the main products include lockers, filing cabinets, desks, beds, dense frame, shelves, shelves, safe, etc., all products are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the large mold and professional mechanized water equipment Seiko, green environmental protection high-tech electrostatic spraying powder, stress, strength, impact resistance is not easy to deformation, the production and processing, and the surrounding environment does not produce harm to the human body, non-toxic, no smell, but for the domestic and foreign companies to provide quality office furniture products and services.


The deep cooperation between ADTO and strategic partners such as Xingang Home Furnishing, Kanyunpu, Iman Wood, and Shengjia will further promote the perfection of the whole industrial chain system of ADTO and create 10% more value potential energy for partners. After the establishment of cooperation, ADTO Business Union and partners will carry out in-depth cooperation in project development, market development, and other aspects to accelerate the opening of a new channel of the project.

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