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Why We Choose Aluminum Alloy Formwork For Construction?



Smooth surface: the wall is easy to smooth, reducing the cost of plastering

The aluminum alloy formwork can guarantee the construction quality and reduce the dependence of construction quality on workers' technical level. The construction effect is good, the geometry dimension is accurate, the concrete surface is smooth and smooth after the mold is removed, can achieve or close to the effect of the clear water wall, can reduce or eliminate the second plastering operation, reduce the cost of the builder's plastering.


Short construction period: labor-saving

The use of aluminum alloy formwork can make the source of installers more extensive and solve the problem of worker (carpentry) shortage. Aluminum formwork construction is 2~3 times faster than the general formwork construction. The aluminum alloy formwork can be poured in whole and formed in one time, thus shortening the construction period (normally 4-5 days per floor) and ensuring the overall strength and service life of the building.


When deepening the design of the aluminum mold, many secondary components, such as short walls and door stacks, are designed simultaneously with the main concrete, which not only speeds up the construction progress but also reduces the employment of secondary structures and improves the construction quality. Aluminum formwork positioning is accurate, structural hole error is small, the main body and masonry completed with aluminum alloy formwork installation conditions.



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