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Why Should We Choose ADTO Frame Formwork?



As the component except for outer wall formwork, the cage means the part to be connected with Frame Formwork, being composed of Scaffolding, Safety Guardrail and etc. necessary to perform safe Formwork installation & disassembly, following plastering & decoration and etc. The Frame Formwork has the three following merits.  And that is the reason we choose it to use in our construction project.



Improved Frame Quality and Structure Performance

ADTO Frame Formwork can guarantee vertical and horizontal accuracy of the steel frame, having superior connection quality between a panel and panel with reduced decorating work. And it can also improve construction quality and structural performance of frame structure, holding temporary construction of workers.



Reduced Construction Costs

Because the ADTO Frame Formwork is simple and easy to use, even the non-experienced construction workers can erect the Frame Formwork. It means less employment of skilled workers and the reduction of labor costs. Post working process costs, just like chipping and concrete surface treatment, are also saved due to superior finished construction concrete.



Environmental Problem Improvement

Construction waste occurring in the conventional construction type can be suppressed minimizing the use of limited resources like veneer board and timber. While the aluminum panel is an environment-friendly product possible to reuse.



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