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What Factors Should Be Look for When Choosing Scaffold Netting?



There are several factors that you need to consider when you decide to purchase scaffold netting. Most scaffold netting is made of Polyethylene or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), with various factors.


#1 Fire Retardant

The first factor must be fire retardant. You must ensure that the netting does not act as extra kindle in the event of a fire. Most products sold today are fire retardant, however, it is always a good point to check before purchasing.


#2 UV Resistant

The second factor that must be considered is UV resistant. The amount of UV resistance will ultimately depend on the length of time the netting will be in place, but you do want to ensure there is some UV resistance so it can stay outside and resist the elements.


#3 Reinforcement

Scaffold netting also needs to have eyelets or some form of reinforcement. These eyelets help ensure the netting will last. Otherwise, if the netting is attached using random places in the netting, the chances of it ripping increases.


Some scaffold netting does not have eyelets, however, the borders are reinforced. This also acts to help prevent the netting from ripping and makes it easier to attach the netting at various parts rather than just the corners or wherever the eyelets are located.



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