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What Are the Components in One Set of the Frame Scaffolding


A standard set of frame scaffolding is made up of two pieces of body, two diagonal member, four connecting rods, a hook the springboard of concrete can be divided into six major labour are cross support (bracing), scaffold board (counter), connecting rod (take over), regulation base, fixed base, universal wheel, etc., functions and characteristics of each component is different.





frame scaffolding


A cross support

Cross sustaining is longitudinal connecting every two pieces of door frame type cross rod. Two cross bars in the central round hole is drilled, bolted, rotating for transportation and installation. Bar pressure on both ends of the flat part of the pin hole is drilled, assembled with the door lock pin lock on the shelf.

2. Scaffolding
Scaffolding is a special hooks in the door frame on a rod with planks. Used in construction work layer, for the operator to stand, at the same time can increase the basic composition unit of the door frame stiffness. Scaffold board panel has several, such as wood, steel plate net, punching steel should have enough stiffness and anti-skid function.  

Three. Connecting rod
Connecting rod used for door frame vertical assembly, fittings. When installation, door frame stud insert, on the connecting rod is composed of body and thimble, thimble by stamping or middle hole plug welding method and rod fixation.

frame scaffolding




4. Adjustable base
Adjustable base is on the bottom of department of erect a support at the bottom of the rod. To expand the door scaffold support area of the vertical rod, the vertical load to the scaffold, and can adjust the height of the gantry scaffolding and overall levelness, verticality. Adjustable base consists of a screw, adjust the wrench and base plate. Adjust the height of 250 mm and 520 mm

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