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Steel Coil: Characteristics of Cold-rolled Steel Coil



Cold rolled steel coils offer a variety of outstanding properties, including easy formability and a smooth, clean surface, and are used in automobiles, appliances, furniture, and many other everyday items.


Because strict quality requirements are now applied to meet the needs of improved product functions, ADTO GROUP has adopted an integrated quality control system. Customer requirements are reflected in products from the quality design stage in order to supply customers with the optimum material for each application in a timely manner.


Based on a wealth of experience and an advanced production system, ADTO GROUP is continuing to develop new technologies and products which meet the needs of the times.


Below we list the characteristics of cold-rolled steel coil manufactured by ADTO GROUP.


#1 Superior Workability

ADTO GROUP’ s cold rolled steel coils have excellent formability and minimal deviation in mechanical properties thanks to the company’s accumulated technical expertise, newly constructed and modernized facilities and innovative technologies, and integrated quality control system extending from raw materials to the final product.


#2 Superior Surface Quality and Dimensional Accuracy

Modern facilities, advanced operational technologies, strict inspection, and integrated quality control ensure excellent surface quality. Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by an automatic thickness control system using advanced numerical models.


#3 Wide Range of Product Standards

ADTO GROUP produces cold rolled steel coils to meet a wide range of product standards. Products range from general use, including extra deep drawing quality and bake hardening sheets, to high strength sheets and sheets for enameling and other special applications.


#4 Wide Range of Sizes

The available size range includes thickness from 0.14mm to 3.2 mm and width up to 1,850mm.


#5 Superior Shape

Applying tension leveler ensures superior strip flatness.


#6 Outstanding technical service

To meet the requirements of diverse clients, ADTO GROUP has established a complete technical servicing system with advises clients on questions ranging from material properties to processing technologies.


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