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Scaffolding and Formwork Developing Process in Japan



Scaffolding manufacturers from Japan have researched and developed varies specifications of scaffolding system and scaffolding accessories. There are at least 500 scaffolding leasing company and scaffolding accessories manufacturers in Japan, which is much more than formwork system manufacturers. For example, the frame scaffolding can be divided into walk through frame scaffolding and mason frame scaffolding. The scaffolds with socket and spigot joints can be divided into cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, jack scaffolding, slotted scaffolding and tubular scaffolding. Most scaffolding couplers are steel plate couplers, which have a lot of types and wide application range. Among all kinds of scaffolding, frame scaffolding is still the main part, and project usage amount accounts for about 50%.


The Japanese scaffolding and formwork system’s development has through the process of product safety, diversification, lightness and environmental protection.     


1. Emphasize product safety. In particular, products such as scaffolds and scaffolding planks require not only convenience in installation and disassembly, but also safety and reliability. When scaffolding is built, there should be safety railings and net bars around, and there should be no gaps between the joints of the scaffolding planks to prevent debris from falling and injuring people.


2. Products diversification. Different types of construction project can use different formwork and scaffolding. In civil engineering, in addition to the steel formwork, a variety of special steel formwork has been designed according to different engineering requirements, such as road formwork, bridge formwork, dam formwork, tunnel formwork, shaft formwork, chimney formwork, etc., and standardized design has been achieved. In addition, there are also plywood formwork, steel framework, aluminum frame plywood formwork and plastic formwork. There are more types of scaffolds, and there are a variety of frame-type scaffold and scaffold with anchor and special purpose, which can be adopted according to the engineering requirements.


3. Follow light-weight trend on products. The aging structure of Japanese template workers is obvious. Therefore, the labor intensity of construction workers must be reduced. The design of formwork system and scaffolding must follow the light-weight trend. They should have the characteristics of convenience erection and disassembly, beautiful shape. The scaffolding manufacturers must spare no efforts developing new products. For example, the thickness of the steel plate of the developed shaped steel scaffolding planks is 1.2mm, and each piece of the 3-meter-long plate only weighs 10.5 KG. The 3-meter-long aluminum scaffolding plank only weighs just 7.8 kg.


4. Environmental friendly. High environmental requirements are put forward on the treatment of steel formwork and scaffolding in Japan. Considering that the damaged wood plywood formwork will affect the environment, the demand for steel frame plywood formwork and steel formwork will be increased.



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