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How Many Advantages Does KWIKSTAGE Scaffolding Have?



#1 Speed & Time Saving


The speed and time-saving qualities of the Kwikstage scaffolding make it a useful aid to the field of construction. To assemble the Kwikstage scaffolding system is simple and requires fewer men to do the job than other types of scaffolding.


Assembling the Kwikstage is not only simple ‐ time saved by the easy construction of the system also cuts back on labor time and saves costs.



#2 Simplicity & Safety Application:


The "V" pressed allows up to 4 horizontal or 4 brackets to be secured to a single pressing at one level by simply hammering the captive wedge lock pin into rigid place. Individual components of the Kwikstage system and its accessories are designed to enable a safe way of erection in all applications. Safety of workers working on the scaffolding with any application is the most important factor which is guaranteed in the long term by the firm.



#3 Benefits


Faster to erect than traditional scaffold system up to 4 components secured in one action, Unique node point, no loose components, Heavy‐duty access up to 4.0 kN/m²platform loading, accepts scaffold board and stairways.



#4 Flexibility


Uneven territory and ground is not an issue when industrial scaffolding systems such as Kwikstage scaffolding are used as it is flexible in terms of where it can be positioned. This makes Kwikstage useful not only in construction but also for use of film sets for special events and many other areas where scaffolding is required. Kwikstage is designed multipurpose



#5 Variability


Kwikstage is very adaptable to the various application. A wide range of components enables its use for all known structures, which can be built from scaffolding. In any case, basic components are fully used and only a few additional elements are used due to the adaptation to the situation on the construction site. modular system with the main emphasis on the construction of shoring floors center and centers bays. Sophisticated details of the system enable ensuring quality and safe shoring of each concrete or prefabricated structure. Kwikstage has no problem with angular and arch bridges as well as bridges in directional and height arch.



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