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Haotian Construction and ADTO Group Reached a Strategic Cooperation Consensus



On July 20th, ADTO Building Materials Group and Hunan Haotian Construction Engineering Group reached a strategic cooperation consensus in the fields of engineering equipment material supply, and engineering projects and market development.



ADTO Group's innovative business model of "foreign trade + domestic trade + projects + factories + Internet + big data + channels (customers)", combining thousands of domestic engineering equipment and materials factories to build a strong and stable supply chain system, can provide construction companies with quality assurance, competitive price, the strong delivery ability of engineering equipment and materials (solutions) one-stop service.



Haotian construction group is a collection of project investment design, construction general contracting, construction operation in the integration of large-scale construction service enterprise, has the construction engineering construction general contracting, municipal utility engineering construction general contracting, construction decoration, environmental protection, city, and road lighting, building curtain wall engineering, foundation, steel structure engineering, landscaping, such as the qualifications, and has the mechanical and electrical engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway engineering, electrical engineering, and decoration design, etc.



More than 20 other construction qualifications. Partnership construction group market management based in Hunan, the national layout, set up a branch in the country more than 30 provinces, the construction of the country's construction, municipal engineering, landscape engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highway engineering, such as more than thousand, annual construction capacity of the output value of 4 billion yuan, of which the aluminum mold, climbing frame, labor service, Windows and doors, and other building materials/construction annual demand of hundreds of millions of yuan.



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