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English Expressions of Scaffolding Components and Parts



I always encounter various English vocabulary of scaffolding components at work. The classification is so small and it makes me a headache. Hereby I concluded some general English expressions referred to Google Wikipedia for your reference.



#1 Ledger:a horizontal brace

#2 Toe Board:A roofing toe board is one of the most basic pieces of safety equipment a roofer can use. A toe board is a long piece of 2'x4' ( a 2x4) wood nailed horizontally along a roof in various locations.

#3 Swivel Coupler:rotary buckle

#4 Standard:the upright component with connector joins

#5 Scaffolding Tube/ scaffolding pipe:the pipe used to erect the scaffolding mainframe

#6 Base Jacks: load-bearing base for the scaffolding

#7 Clip:clamp

#8 Hook on Board | battern | Scaffolding Plank:springboard(A board trampled by an operator),also called platform.

#9 Trapdoor:Trapdoor, skylight (for workers to enter the operating platform)

#10 Connector:connecting pieces

#11 Access Ladder:access ladder



Other expressions

#12 Diagonal Bracing

#13 Cross Bracing

#14 Adjustable Leg

#15 Catwalk

#16 Bracket

#17 Coupler:a fitting used to join components together

#18 Scaffold Tie:used to tie in the scaffold to structures



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