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ADTO GROUP: The First Session of “Champions Sales Training Camp” Has Completely Finished



In order to enhance the sales skills and professional literacy of salesman, the first session of “Champions Sales Training Camp” was held in the headquarter of ADTO GROUP from 27 to 28, Apr. The person who attended this training camp including all the sales from ADTO Building Material, ADTOOO, and ADTO Aluminum Formwork.


 the training scene


The training lecture was started with five steps.


#1 The first step is“selling yourself”: “selling yourself” is better than selling your products.


#2 The second step is “building reliable relations through connection”.


#3 The third step: “beat the fear”.


#4 The fourth step: “super persuasion”.


#5 The fifth step, also the final step, “deal”!


the champions training camp conducted by adto group


Staff got the new skills in sales talks by virtue of learning “Five Steps to Selling”.  For example, “how to build connections with customers”; “how to make efficient communications”; and“how to make the deal successfully”. Staffs also summarized the new talking skills through practices.


On the third step: “Beat the Fear”, the staff experienced the “ Blind Square” project.


The “Blind Square” project required every member to complete the mission at the fastest speed under the captain’s orders while wearing the blinder.


the "Blind Square" project


Combined with the working scenario, each member made a summary and shared with the staff after experiencing the project. The conclusion was listed as follows.


#1 “When we receive the new missions, we need to adjust our mindset, thus we will have the courage to face the difficulties and fears.”


#2 “We must follow the direction of the leader and cooperate with the plan.” 


#3 “Instant communication is needed when encountering the problems.”


#4 “All problems can be solved by unity.”



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