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An Introduction of Welded Rebar Coupler


Welded rebar coupler is designed for projects where steel and reinforced concrete are used together. One side of the coupler is a butt left open for welding and the other side is an upset threaded system coupler.


With this method, the transition from steel to reinforced concrete is provided by this welded rebar coupler. When using welded rebar coupler, the coupler is first welded to the steel area. Cold-headed threaded reinforcement is rotated to the coupler and the assembly is completed.


1 short threaded rebar


1 protective plastic cap


1 welded Mechanical Reinforcement Coupler


Welding of Couplers


Weldable Rebar Couplers offer the perfect solution for connecting the iron rod to a steel superstructure or individual assemblies. The fasteners have the same mechanical properties as Welded Standard Couplers and an inclined tip for welding.


Welded joints can be arc welded at the manufacturing workshop or in the worksite. Some welding factors and welding design depend on the material to which the couplers are welded. ADTOMall recommends a qualified engineer to review all common design and data requirements, including the procedure for selection of welding filler, local rules, and advice.


Welding procedure


For reasons of applicability, there are normally two general arc welding processes used in construction sites and manufacturing workshops:


1-Manual metal arc welding (MMA) / (SMAW): Suitable for accessibility problems and/or welding conditions at the construction site.


2-Active Metal active gas welding (MAG) / (GMAW): Mainly used in manufacturing workshops.


According to the dominant application codes, ADTO Weldable Rebar Couplers don’t require pre-heating before welding. However, there are several factors that may require pre-heating. Therefore, carbon equivalent and thickness measurements of the material to which the coupler is welded are important.


Operation sequence


Before welding rebar couplers, the local area must be cleaned or wire brushed and the plastic cover should be removed from the couplers. In the correct assembly, both surfaces should be aligned without any visible voids between the coupler and the material it is welded. The couplers should be welded in three symmetrical positions and then balanced to ensure proper alignment.

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