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In recent years, the demand for a more efficient rebar splicing system is increasing because of the rising requirements on construction complexities and design requirements. The use of rebar couplers can simplify the design and reinforced concrete construction. Using ADTO rebar mechanical splicing can also reduce the amount of rebar required.


rebar coupler


Advantages of couplers for rebar overlapped joints:


1)Congestion of rebars with lapped joints, affecting the integrity of the structure. This can be avoided by using rebar mechanical couplers.

2)With the decreasing size of concrete sections, floor spaces are maximized thus increase the value of the building, especially in prime development areas.

3)The transfer of load with lapped joints is entirely dependent upon the bonding of the surrounding concrete. Degradation of concrete could affect the performance of the lapped joint.

4)With the use of rebar connectors to connect starter bars, the damages to the formwork can be avoided.

4)Material and cost savings as less steel is used.

5)Environmental friendly and ‘lighter’ building.


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