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ADTO Cooperated With Champion Tile, Kinsyoma Tile, to Help You Do Projects Easily



Open cooperation for win-win outcomes. ADTO Business Union's strategic partners, joint ventures, and supply chain systems are becoming powerful. Since the launch of the innovative business model of ADTO Business Union, a large number of customers and project resources, bottom-first cooperation model have attracted the giants of different industries within the industry high-quality factories swarm into. Recently, ADTO Business Union signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Champion Tile, Kinsyoma Tile, Lovely Day Smart Home, Zaihang Doors and Windows, etc., to jointly open a new journey of the future pattern.



Champion tile


Champion Tile was founded in 1972, always adhere to the "green building materials, green factories, green technology" environmental protection concept. Champion Tile has invested 100 million yuan in Taiwan China, established the first green tile tourism factory -- Champion Green Concept Museum. The green health concept has been rooted in the corporate culture.


Champion Tile adopts the world's first-class equipment, insists on the production of high-quality tiles, and keeps innovating and researching for 48 years. Up to now, it has dozens of patented technologies such as anti-sliding, anti-bacteria, and anion. Champion Tile based on integrity, step by step, laid a solid foundation, and good reputation in the industry.


The world-famous buildings such as the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Taipei 101 tower are representative examples of the Champion Tiles. They are also the only designated bricks for the zero-carbon Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo. Champion strength, showing the quality of a big country, made in China.



Kinsyoma Tile


Kinsyoma Tile, founded in 2006, adhering to the brand management philosophy of "innovation is essential, scientific development", is committed to creating a top high-end luxury ceramic tile brand, so that customers can obtain an honorable experience. Kinsyoma Tile is a large modern ceramic enterprise integrating marketing, service.


Kinsyoma Tile has three major production bases: Sanshui, Nanzhuang, Shishan in Foshan City. It has ten large modern kiln production lines and has introduced a series of world advanced ceramic production equipment. In addition, the Shishan production base of Kinsyoma put high-end accessories production as the core, the product supporting strength is strong, the waistline flower type is complete. Kinsyoma Tile enjoys a high reputation with "specialization, diversification" in the industry.



Lovely Day Smart Home


Since its investment and operation in 1997, Lovely Day Smart Home has developed into a large manufacturing base of clothes hangers in China with its novel design, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service. At present, the company owns two famous brands of Basilica and tulip, has more than 30 national patents, and has passed iso9001:2015 international quality system certification. Its products sell well all over the country.


For more than 20 years, Lovely Day Smart Home has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, positive and efficient", and constantly bringing forth the new. Especially, the successful research and development of intelligent clothes drying machines lead to the market trend of the clothes drying machine industry and has become the most competitive household brand in the industry.


In the face of fierce market competition, Lovely Day Smart Home will continue to carry forward "earnestly, fast, keep the promise" of the three styles, ongoing management innovation, product innovation, and service innovation, to ensure that the company stable, sustained, healthy and long-term development, for the modern family to provide quality products and perfect service, strive to become a home products industry leader.



Zaihang Doors & Window


Founded in 2018, Zaihang Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum alloy door and window enterprise engaged in the research and development, design, production, and sales of aluminum alloy doors and Windows and sunshine room. In the shipping doors and Windows to the quality of life, to the user as the first, constantly increase new products to meet customer needs.


Zaihang Doors & Window mainly produces high-grade broken bridge doors and Windows, sunroom series products, always adhere to the "good quality, excellent service, heavy credit management idea serving the public, the introduction of the world's most advanced science and technology, combined with process improvement, make the products more insulation, energy-saving, durable, noise insulation, safe, beautiful, and the advantages of flexible, elegant, has to undertake the office buildings, villas, apartments, residential renovation, greatly improve the family and building the overall quality and price.


The deep cooperation between ADTO Business Union and its strategic partners, such as Champion Tile, Kinsyoma Tile, Lovely Day Smart Home, and Zaihang Doors & Window, will further promote the daily perfection of the whole industrial chain system of ADTO Business Union and create 10% more value potential energy for partners. After the establishment of the cooperation, ADTO Business Union and its partners will carry out in-depth cooperation in project development, market development, and other aspects to accelerate the opening of a new channel for the project.



ADTO Business Union, based on the extension building materials for 22 years domestic project service, 15 international trade, with the "foreign trade, domestic trade and project + factory + Internet + data + channel (client)" innovative business model, will be more than 2, 600 yuan's overseas engineering contractor, builders resources, more than 60, 000 factories in the field of customer resources and engineering equipment, materials, distributors and other partners to share, currently only amount to hundreds of billions of dollars in potential purchase system demand, at the same time, every year there are 2, 000 + project resources and domestic partners to share.


Look forward to more high-quality factories cooperate with ADTO Business Union!



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