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Tubular Scaffolding System



The tubular scaffolding system has many different names, including steel scaffold, tube and coupler scaffold, and tube and fitting scaffold. All these terms refer to a type of scaffolding system that employs tubes of different sizes connected to each other with scaffolding couplers. It is a conventional form of scaffolding, which is not as common as it used to be.


A tubular scaffold is a time-intensive and labor-intensive system, but it offers unlimited versatility. It allows for connecting horizontal tubes to the vertical tubes at any interval, as long as there is no restriction due to engineering rules and regulations. Right angle clamps connect horizontal tubes to the vertical tubes. Swivel clamps are used to attach diagonal tubes.


Although not as popular as it was, tubular scaffolding is in frequent use in refineries, petrochemical plant environments, and power plants. It is a highly flexible system that can adapt to almost any kind of complex structure. It does consume time and energy, but it offers just the kind of platform that a project demands.


Steel Tubular scaffolding is a great choice for projects where heavy loads are involved. Because of the structure of this scaffold, it is able to support very heavyweights. It can be used for both internal and external tasks. The steel tubes are lightweight which makes them easy to assemble and disassemble.


Tubular scaffolding is similar to the bricklayer’s scaffold, also known as the Put-log scaffold when it comes to assembly. There are a few differences that make tubular scaffolding a better choice. For example, tubular scaffolding uses steel tubes as opposed to a putlog system’s timber logs. This means that steel scaffolding is more resistant to fire as compared to a bricklayer’s scaffold.


Tubular Scaffolding System's Components


Tubular scaffolding is very simple because it uses just four basic components for set-up.


Scaffolding Tubes

Steel tubes are available in different lengths and sizes to offer the utmost adaptability.


Standard Coupler

These are also known as right-angle couplers and are used to connect horizontal tubes to the vertical ones.


Adjustable Coupler

These are also known as swivel couplers and are used to connect diagonal tubes to the scaffold.


Base Jack

This serves as the foundation on which a tubular scaffolding system is erected.



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