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ADTO Office Phone Booth: The Best Privacy Pod



ADTO Office Phone Booth has the following merits:



Visual Privacy

ADTO Office Phone Booth provides you a private space. Don’t choose a fishbowl. Body language and facial expressions communicate a lot.



Less Space Occupation

ADTO Office Phone Booth’s sliding door allows for placement in tight spaces, while a swinging door requires more space and can be a safety hazard.



Customized Professional Appearance

ADTO Office Phone Booth manufacturing with a customized appearance. Matching with your office.



Comfortable Inner Space Design 

A soft interior and spacious desk invite you to spread out and stay as long as you like.



In-built Modern Technology

For current and future needs, ADTO Office Phone Booth provides some modern technologies which include USB + Standard Power charging station, with hardwiring and data capabilities.



Chair And Desk Options

You can choose from the desk and chairs solutions we provided or customized the desk and chairs.



Good Air Circulation

Comfort is an important part of productivity. The exhaust fan built-in is quiet and adjustable. Small Spaces also have good air circulation.




In-built dimmable LED light. Nothing beats natural light. Our full-length glass door and skylight enhance comfort. 



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